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TUFF T-Shirt White Rowel With Double Hanuman Head

TUFF T-Shirt White Rowel With Double Hanuman Head

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Made from polyester microfiber fabric. Lightweight, sweat-free, and quick dry. Perfect for training and outdoor activities.

Outstanding design with high quality sublimation printing.

This T-shirt is inspired by Hanuman, a Hindu god and holy Vanara companion of the god Rama. Hanuman is the commander of the monkey army. He is one of the main characters in the great Hindu Sanskrit poem the Ramayana (“Rama’s Journey”).

Hanuman is also a popular figure among Buddhists in Central, Southeast, and East Asia, and throughout those areas, many temples have been worshiped.

A Hanuman Yantra gives the wearer power and protection from negative energies and evil spirits. This Yantra is a symbol of power, strength, bravery, devotion, and perseverance.

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